Returning to normal weirdness after seasons of extreme weirdness

This weekend, my local steampunk convention returns to the calendar. I have tickets. I have outfits that are almost done, and little piles of accessories, wigs, shoes, etc. all over my bedroom. I have last minute entry into the fashion show…

On a hot and steamy morning

Two months ago I wrote this, and some inner bugaboo said “do not publish yet…” and then I forgot about it. I won’t change the of-the-moment language, but the below events absolutely killed my drive to write.


I wrote Theo a letter, and…

The American work ethic is killing our relationships

Photo by Joshua Olsen on Unsplash

Our well-meaning elders and the mental-health-shortcut industrial complex have trammeled our relationships with this simple phrase: “Relationships take work.” Technically, this is not untrue — a dynamic between two individuals will never be 100% percent without disagreement, adjustment, or effort. The key…

Demogorgon or demisexual?

Photo by author

I have been doing relationships wrong my entire life; whether they were short or long, the ends never justified the means. I dated passive, avoidant, impotent/incompetent, and/or emotionally stunted men for over half my pubescent life. Unavailable Man (Homo inexpeditus) is hot as hell. …

What to say when they ask, “What are you looking for?”

A bold new project from the designer who brought you “Obsessed with a Breadcrumber For Four Years,” “I’ll Do For Now Until He Decides Otherwise,” and our last blockbuster seller, “Somehow I talked them into dating me but they don’t respect me enough to end it despite a total lack…

Remembering the chunk of days that encompasses all our private anniversaries

The t-shirt I wore any time I saw a doctor.

For some people, it was March 11, the date the WHO described the novel coronavirus known as Covid-19 as a pandemic. Also it is the date we learned that beloved actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson had caught the…

Karina "Cinerina"

I used to write movie reviews. I used to do a lot of things. I’m starting over on learning to be a person.

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